Luke Hornof

CEO and co-founder

Photo of Luke

Luke has over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley. He founded the software team at Nervana, an AI hardware startup which was acquired by Intel. As Director of AI Software at Intel, he grew his team to 150 engineers across the United States, Poland, Israel, and India. In addition to building cutting-edge AI software, he also hosted the NeurIPS 2019 Intel AI Research Luncheon and was a technical advisor for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Luke has 20 peer-reviewed publications, has been granted 1 patent, and was the technical editor for a book on real-time analytics.

Ph.D. in Computer Science University of Rennes, France

B.S. in Computer Engineering Carnegie Mellon University

Anil Thomas

CTO and co-founder

Photo of Anil

Anil is a Silicon Valley veteran with over 25 years of industry experience. He was the third employee at Nervana Systems, a startup which developed a new computational paradigm for Artificial Intelligence. After being acquired by Intel, Anil managed a team of research scientists who built innovative speech-recognition technology.

Anil holds the title of grandmaster on the Kaggle competition platform and was ranked #2 worldwide in 2014, has published 3 conference papers, and has been granted 10 patents.

M.S. in Computer Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

B.Tech. in Computer Engineering National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India

Robert Harris

Technical Lead

Photo of Robert

Robert has over 9 years of professional experience building web apps and leading engineering teams. Most recently, he was the CTO at Clutch!. In that role he led a team from MVP to enterprise deals with professional sports teams and SEC football programs. Before Clutch!, Robert served as the Director of Software Development at Pixsys. In that role, he led the engineering team and all software development of the SaaS.

B.S. in Computer Engineering Purdue University

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