Unified IDE for AI Model Development

Build more accurate models with less compute. Save time and money while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Designed bottom-up specifically for model development, Luminide has full visibility and control of the model development process. This architecture offers unprecedented ease of use -- no software to install, repetitive tasks are all automated. It also enables new, more powerful optimizations. For example, our Early Ranking optimization reduces compute by 10x, which saves time and money.

Laptop running the Luminide IDE


Data scientists don’t have to install software or modify their existing project. Connecting to GPU servers is done with a single click. Tuning a model simply requires specifying which hyperparameters you’re interested in. Other tasks are completely automated, such as recording experiments for easy reproducibility and displaying results in TensorBoard.

Simple GPU selection for one-click connect


Luminide uses many great, existing open-source software solutions and libraries. Since Luminide handles the integration, data scientists don’t have to. Full control of the model development process allows tedious, repetitive tasks to be completely automated or made available with a single click. This unified architecture also enables new, more powerful optimizations that require coordination between distributed components. For example, our Early Ranking can reduce the computation required during training by 10x.

Unified fast sweep with Early Ranking optimization

GPU icon

Connect to a GPU

Pick your CSP, preferred GPU, and start training right away.

Data exploration icon

Explore data

Use a Jupyter notebook to explore and visualize your data.

Build model icon

Build model

Use Pytorch or your favorite framework to build your model.

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Run experiments

Experiments are automatically tracked. Easily rollback, replay, and modify.

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Tune model

State of the art Bayesian optimization with built-in visualization.

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