Cloud Environment for AI Model Development

Luminide makes it easier to build better AI models.

Laptop running the Luminide IDE

Free Cloud GPU

V100, A100, multi-GPU, etc.


Luminide contains all of the hardware and software you need. And automates all of the tedious, repetitive tasks.

  • Hosted in the cloud or on-prem.

  • Connect to GPUs with a single click.

  • Includes Jupyter notebooks, TensorBoard, and Experiment Tracking.

  • All integrated into a customized JupyterLab IDE.
Simple GPU selection for one-click connect

Better AI Models

Luminide contains optimizations like Hyperparameter Tuning and Early Ranking to build better AI models.

  • Achieve higher accuracy models.

  • Get results faster.

  • Reduce training costs.

Unified fast sweep with Early Ranking optimization
GPU icon

Connect to a GPU

Pick your CSP, preferred GPU, and start training right away.

Data exploration icon

Explore data

Use a Jupyter notebook to explore and visualize your data.

Build model icon

Build model

Use Pytorch or your favorite framework to build your model.

Run experiments icon

Run experiments

Experiments are automatically tracked. Easily rollback, replay, and modify.

Tune model icon

Tune model

State of the art Bayesian optimization with built-in visualization.

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