Includes all of the hardware, software, tools, and optimizations you need to build better models. All integrated into a customized JupyterLab IDE and hosted in the cloud.

Laptop running the Luminide IDE

Connect to a GPU

Pick your CSP, preferred GPU, and start training right away.

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Explore data

Use a Jupyter notebook to explore and visualize your data.

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Build model

Use Pytorch or your favorite framework to build your model.

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Run experiments

Experiments are automatically tracked. Easily rollback, replay, and modify.

Screenshot showing code diff of two different experiments

Tune hyperparameters

State of the art Bayesian optimization with built-in visualization.

Hyperparameter sweep screenshot

Increase model accuracy.

Get results faster.

Reduce training costs.

Luminide’s patented Early Ranking technology determines the outcome of a training run with up to 10x less compute. This can be used for rapid prototyping and fast hyperparameter tuning.

Early Ranking visualization showing 90% of sweep trials optimized away
Code templates icon

Code templates

Choose a state-of-the-art model and your favorite deep learning framework and start training right away.

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Jupyter notebooks

Run a notebook against your GPU instance to easily explore data, create visualizations, and more.

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Use best-in-class model monitoring software to visualize experiment results.

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No install

No software to install or troubleshoot. Access right away from your browser.

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